Safedrivezone Selects Voltdb to Handle Transaction Processing

Birmingham, Alabama: SinSep Designs, llc announced, today, the selection of VOLTDB, of Bedford, Massachusetts as their Gateway Database to handle the transactional processing for SafeDriveZone® – its app combating distracted driving – more specifically, Texting While Driving.

“VoltDB’s memory based configuration”, said Chief Technology Officer David Anderson, “virtually eliminates any potential entry point data bottlenecks. Its ability to handle hundreds of thousands of database transactions per second means that VoltDB can efficiently handle the massive amounts of communication taking place between our drivers and their parents – while still giving us the security of disk based storage. I was particularly impressed with VoltDB’s ease of scalability as well as the team presented by VOltDB to help us design, prepare and implement our configuration.”

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SafeDriveZone – Parent, used to configure and monitor attached Drivers is available on both Android and iOS. SafeDriveZone – Driver is available on Android, and is compatible with Android-Oreo.